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I believe I've found Cryptodamus!

\*Disclaimer - Hey all, I don't want to even *look like* I'm advertising or posting anything malicious, so I'm not posting a link. Just going to provide some info. on where to find some content, I'll leave it up to you all to take the next step. I have no affiliation with this guy, don't even know who he is *and* only saw his first video today (I am not a content developer, influencer, etc. - just a regular 'ole dude who works in the software industry). I don't watch many Crypto YouTubers, because most of them are just moonbois that talk out of their ass. Now on to the meat and potatoes - I stumbled upon this video from a guy's channel, called "Uncomplication" (not even a crypto themed name, love it already) while going down the 'ole YouTube rabbit-hole today. The video title is "BITCOIN MANIPULATION 2021 - Textbook Wyckoff Distribution Exposed!". I implore everyone to watch it, the dude is right, and it's going to blow your mind to see he posted this 1 month ago. I'd encourage everyone to look up Richard Wyckoff or the Wyckoff Distribution for themselves as well (he was a brilliant stock data analyst that came up with this theory almost 100 years ago that still holds true today). If you don't want to watch it, or read anything the TLDR; or TLDW(?); version - We all need to HODL on tight for a few months, things are going to get worse. We retail investors are getting fleeced by the larger institutional investors and whales (they are making money off us) - don't even bother buying the dip over the next couple of days, it's not the final fire sale. There will be a bigger dip coming until we pull out of this cycle and enter into an accumulation.
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