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Hinse Hints - Sleuth XIX

Look closer, everything has meaning 👀 **Burning Questions or Flag = False?** **88** MPH - *Hello*, *hello*, *anybody home*? Hey, think *McFly*, think! There are only **88 Burning Paradise** NFTs minted Anything odd about the amount of Theta in this wallet? []( Could have course also have done ("1234") directly ​ **888** theme in multiple Hinse artwork - a shout out to Robert Hartley? [sooner or later. it will be all about this little diamond]( [The Mitch Liu :)]( [888 meaning]( ​ Why was the secret room pre-programmed to drop on July 20th?? Market bottom, Bezos returns, TFuel astronauts preparing for the next launch?? ​ What else is Hinse hiding in plain sight?? \-URP **Theta Symbiosis** \- Is Hinse hinting at a Missy Elliott Work-It NFT collab? [What does that say?](
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