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Help understanding the Theta Edge Node?

Is there a guide or anything on how people should be using the Theta Edge Node? Right now I am running the Theta Edge Node application on my main PC and that is working just fine. And for the last few weeks I have also been running another instance of the edge node in wine on a spare Linux machine. This has also been working just fine, until update 3.0.6. I was experimenting with running some VMs since since have extra resources, and often it seems like the limiting factor is the download rate of compute jobs as well as just getting assigned compute jobs. I understand it is in beta right now and that there is supposed to be more compute jobs and demand soon. However, my question lies in the spirit of how we are supposed to be using these applications. Right now, ever since the 3.0.6 update, I can only get my main PC to to work with the edge node. I don't know if there is something wrong with my other instances of the edge node, or if I am being limited to one edge node per IP or something? If I am being limited, I am a little bit confused because in the edge node application, in the info bar on the left side, it says, ' Edge Workers ' and then a number. This number has either been 1 or 0 for me. But that information makes it seem like it is ok or even encouraged to run multiple Edge Workers? Some people say you can run multiple edge nodes using VMs and VPNs. But if you have to go through that much trouble to do it, that makes it seem like it isn't encouraged? Are the problems I am running into where my VMs no longer work nor does my spare machines some sort of bug, or is the system being designed in a way to discourage what I was doing? I just am not finding a lot of information on the direction a lot of these things are going and what the intention is with some of the aspects of the network.
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