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Edge Node Update New Address Explained

I am seeing quite a few threads regarding the recent Edge Node update, so thought I would try and answer some of the confusion based on what I have gathered so far. The new Edge Node is no longer showing our stake earnings but that will all be paid to us in July along with our other Edge earnings. The new Edge Node has a new address attached to it. That new address is where we will receive our Edge Node earnings in the future, however our staking TFUEL earnings would go to our actual wallet address that we stake our Tfuel from and not the address linked to the Edge Node. Unless of course you stake your Tfuel from that Edge Node address. We can access the new address linked to our Edge Node via the THETA web wallet using the Keystore file and password. However, you first need to export the Keystore file from the Edge Node application first and attach a password to it. We can also just send our Edge Node earnings to any address we want via the Edge Node application itself. Lastly, there is a security risk with the new Edge Node as anyone that has access to it can potentially steal your Edge Node earnings by also exporting the Keystore file with their own password and importing it onto the THETA web wallet. There they can simply withdraw your earnings, or maybe they can just send your earnings out directly to their own wallet from the Edge Node itself as none of it is protected by any password from what I see.
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