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Edge node bandwidth consumption

I hit my home internet bandwidth limit of 1.2 TB for the first time this month and I'm wondering if it was from running an edge node. The timing coincides with running a full time edge node with staked tfuel. When I saw high consumption I turned Edge Cache off and Edge Compute on thinking that would limit bandwidth use, but it still went over. We do a ton of video calls for work and stream a lot, but never hit our limit until I turned on the edge node. Is the cache off/compute on the best config to limit bandwidth usage? Any other recommendations? I've got a spare PC I'd love to dedicate to this but the bandwidth is my one hurdle. Thanks!
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No delay dear Thetans!!!

The Theta Mainnet v3.0.0 code has been released! ( A hard-fork to the new Mainnet 3.0 will happen at block height 10968061 (approximately 12pm Pacific Time, June 30, 2021). The...
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@CryptoWendyO greetings to you :) i am excited to see your nft page is getting ready. @ThetaDrop @Theta_Network $THETA $TFUEL- follow me for more— Lala E (@lala4zwei0) Jun...