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Binance Watch - 7-22-21

Just another quick update. Seems like the slight price pump actually slowed withdrawals down a smidge, but Tfuel continues to slowly drop (posted around 11 am). **Known Hot Wallet** []( Theta: 5,481,695 Tfuel: 25,386,317 **Known Cold Wallet** []( Theta: 3,457,787 Tfuel: 95,999,975 So Tfuel total down to 121M, which is down about 31M from 46 hours ago (or about 0.66M/hour) and down about 72M from 96 hours ago (0.75M/hour). So you can see it's slowing down a bit but still a nice steady outflow. If the outflows kept dropping down to 0.5M/hour, for example, then Binance would be out of Tfuel from those two major wallets within 10 days. With Theta, it's really hard to gauge because I see major wallets moving coins in and out. There are 3-4 wallets holding amounts hovering around 2M Theta (i.e. the Validator node cut-off) pulling Theta out then putting it back in. 1 or 2 of those wallets appear to be arbitraging (i.e. trading between exchanges) periodically, which could cut against them being validator nodes, but that's pure speculation on my part. Only thing I can extrapolate is it's at least 1M or so down from where it was 4 days ago.
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