Anyone else here look to staking and liquidity pools for long term vision in crypto especially Theta network? Not just token price increase? This is what I look for.... Gpool introduces TBILL.

Theta FuelTheta Fuel
self.theta_network8m ago
[]( An interesting take on a metaverse stable like coin (called a rebase coin), and on first look it seems like better tokenomics than a stable coin. It is also has a static 50% APR and with long term liquidity providers earning compounding multipliers of 1.5x for 180 days and 2x for 365 days. Too good to be true? The only risk I see at this point and time is hypothetically they could say nah this coin doesn't exist, bye. Or worse Theta goes bye, jajajaja. But it is Gpool and it would kill thier entire business. They hold long term vision and continue to expand on the network. This one might be worth staking keeping an eye on. What do you guys think?