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AMA: No Delegated Tfuel Staking

One of the tidbits dropped during the AMA that no one seems to be talking about is that there will be no delegated Tfuel staking. You have to run your own elite edge node. This makes sense, as the whole point of Tfuel staking is to incentivize more people to run edge nodes and actually add real capacity to the decentralized network. In addition, the 500,000 Tfuel cap will remain in place so if you’re a Tfuel whale you’d have to run multiple edge nodes yourself. That’s a big hassle. Any theories on whether this also applies to Gpool? If it will be much more difficult to stake large amounts of Tfuel, it seems relevant to the Theta/Tfuel ratio discussion. EDIT: Turns out the delegation statement was wrong. Mitch did say that but was corrected.
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