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Why we are writing a Tezos node/shell in Rust (with demo)

Why we are writing a Tezos node/shell in Rust (with demo)

The Tezos ecosystem will benefit from an increase in the diversity of its nodes (multiple implementations across a range of different programing languages & operating systems). It allows us to verify that the protocol is unambiguous. It keeps the door open for innovation and secures the honesty of all participants.

Encouraging a range of teams to build and implement software in a variety of nodes creates an environment where bugs and logical oversights will emerge before they can affect the ecosystem.

Since no single implementation has complete responsibility for validating the chain, bugs are more likely to stay localized to a subset of nodes and less likely to affect the blockchain as a whole.

Expanding the number of nodes will draw more people towards the Tezos protocol. By increasing the number of Tezos users, more individuals will consistently review the baking process and the Tezos protocol as a whole. This reduces the chance of consensus issues arising when it’s too late.

Even if there is an attack vector or bug in any of the Tezos implementations, the network will remain intact as there is a diverse range of nodes available.

Programming languages each have their own advantages, so users can decide between different nodes based on the needs of specific applications on a case-by-case basis.

Security is our main goal. We chose Rust because it enforces memory safety and supports concurrency while avoiding race conditions.

By programming a Tezos node in Rust, we will attract a broad range of developers. For the 3rd year in a row, Rust has maintained its position as the most loved programming language among 62,596 respondents polled by Stack Overflow in its annual developer survey.

The current state of node (PoC)

The purpose of this project is to implement a secure, trustworthy, open-source Tezos node in Rust. In addition to implementing...

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