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Why using a single consensus may not make sense anymore? A layered consensus approach?

https://medium.com/coinmonks/the-insolar-case-why-using-a-single-consensus-may-not-make-sense-anymore-949871cd29a9 > *"Layering the protocols already works in the Internet...Why not with Blockchains? A layered consensus approach to ensure the honesty of nodes and the validation of transactions while offering a lot of flexibility and scalability for the design and coexistence of any type of use case."* What do you think, does such a optional "multi consensus" concept make sense for a future Tezos or is this not suitable for Tezos? u/murbard, u/slarquie1 , u/awa_cryptium_baker
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New Agora topic: Spendable consensus keys ?

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Alexander Eichhorn on Twitter

As #Tezos wallets and custodians slowly catch up with staking improvements introduced by the Babylon upgrade last October, more funds move away from managed KT1 delegation contracts into regular tz1+ ...