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Who is Jovan and Brian? The question should be "Who Are You"?

My name is Jovan Smith and I was advocating for the Tezos protocol and community almost before this Reddit page was created. If you were here over a year ago you would know this fact. Any person with a half a brain can simply do a tad bit research and see that we pop up in simple google searches and if you type Tezos into YouTube you can't miss me. Not one individual who has said negative things about me and Brian here, were here a year ago I can assure you of that. So, now I challenge those who are feeling some type of way to put their money where your mouth is and prove you've done more to promote and spread the news of Tezos than I or Brian has. But continue reading first because I haven't finished yet. ;) Secondly, Brian June is just as well known and highly respected by prominent community members and leaders as I am. If you don't believe this then you simply don't know anybody, just showed up, or just talking out the side of your ass. Thirdly, I can assure all of you that every single one of the moderators of this page including the founders of the Tezos Protocol know who I am and I communicate with the fairly often. Finally, please stop disrespecting me and Brian and making false assumptions of who we are and what you think our motives maybe. Especially when you clearly have no idea what the hell your talking about. Mic drop................................................
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