What is the best way to run a node and bake?

self.tezos8m ago
I know there are a ton of posts about this, but they all have various different information. I had this silly idea of "just trying it out", and... it's involved. I have lots of questions 🙃 I was originally trying to set things up on my laptop so I could just play around, but the process is long enough, and there are enough permissions issues, where I think I just want to set things up once... so.. is a raspberry pi the thing to use? they only go up to 8GB of RAM, and I'd want to run a UI client that I could remotely connect to. Should I get a mini PC / nuc instead? Also, is the discord the right place to get help? It seems like it has \*very\* low activity. Is there some place else I should be trying to get support? I'd tried Kiln, but it broke / got stuck importing my snapshot -- it's been over 16 hours and it seems cancelling has no effect. I also tried installing the tezos via: [https://tezos.gitlab.io/introduction/howtoget.html#ubuntu-launchpad-ppa-with-tezos-packages](https://tezos.gitlab.io/introduction/howtoget.html#ubuntu-launchpad-ppa-with-tezos-packages)but there is no gpg key, and no packages for impish (Ubuntu 21.10) When baking, how do folks deal with going on vacation? can you still do your baking duties remotely? How does that work if you need your ledger to sign? Do I need a UI that I expose on the public internet that I can use me ledger with / similar to Kukai / other web-based ledger connections? I know that baking can be done with a ledger, but when starting a node, the documentation mentions generating keys -- do I need to those? can I use a ledger for running a normal node? I don't really want to manage a private key and try to keep it safe (that's why I try to use my ledger for everything) \--------------------------- Update, just found the baking slack on the kiln readme: [https://tezos-kiln.org/joinbakingslack](https://tezos-kiln.org/joinbakingslack)