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Weekly Baker Discussion Thread - July 27, 2020

Welcome to the weekly baker discussion thread, a place for everything related to baking and delegation. A few simple rules: * Stay on topic and keep it civilized. No disparagement of other bakers. * Public bakers are allowed to promote their services inside this thread. * Use the up/down votes to keep this thread self-moderated. Feel free to leave any feedback to the moderator team in the comments.
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Tezos Edonet Explorer

The ninjas at TzStats are excited for the availability of the #Tezos Edonet explorer. Go and explore the testnet for the just-released protocol upgrade proposal Edo. 🍶https://t.co/5ELvm3GJer pic.twit...
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Bender Labs: building an open financial system

Bend - Verb: shape or force (something straight) into a curve or angle. - Noun: a curve, especially a sharp one, in a road, river, racecourse, or path. We are witnessing the very beginning of a…