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We are excited to announce that Umami now supports Beacon protocol! Read more about our collaboration with Beacon (AirGap) & learn how to integrate Umami Wallet in your favourite DApps👇

Thanks to our collaboration efforts with Beacon — Umami now supports the Beacon Protocol.

What Does it do?

This will allow Umami to receive instructions from DApps. In other words, while you are using DApps — which must also integrated to the Beacon Protocol — may seamlessly integrate your functional experience with your Umami wallet.

Which DApps can I use it with?

The list is continually growing — you can see it in realtime here.

Please note that Umami is only natively integrated into the Beacon SDK from v2.3.0; therefore DApps not running v2.3.0 or greater may not show Umami as a supported wallet. The list of DApps and their respective versions of the Beacon SDK is also shown in the page linked above.

How Do I use it?

Go to your favourite DApp; and click on Connect Wallet (or similar… the wording might differ on the DApp you’re using).

This will then walk you through the connection process of granting permission to the DApp to interface with your Umami wallet.

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