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Take back your privacy with I/O Coin - Proof of Stake since 2014

Do you value your privacy, finances, and personal information? Is there sensitive data that you don't want exposed or need a secure method of communication? The option of sending and receiving payments anonymously, without the need for 3rd parties or financial institutions is everyone's right.Discover I/O Coin (IOC) iocoin Whether it's payments, data, or communication it's now all possible. In today's world big corporations, banks, government agencies, and predators have way too much access to our data - and our lives. All people across the globe should have the right to transact and communicate in a secure censorship free system - and now they do. I/O Coin has no boundaries. I/O Coin is fast, secure, reliable, and most importantly 100 percent decentralized, utilizing state of the art AES 256 encryption..Un secure services through Facebook, Yahoo, Dropbox or Google may be convenient, but they are not safe or private. There is no data mining, selling of information, leaking, hacking, or agency reporting when you transact with I/O Coin. What you say, send, receive, upload, download, deposit, and withdraw is your own business. Take back your privacy and transact with I/O Coin www.iocoin.io

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Tezos Foundation announces New RFP for Ecosystem Grants

The Tezos Foundation is excited to issue its next request for proposals (RFP) for Tezos ecosystem grants. This RFP comes after last week’s announcement of the Foundation’s second cohort of ecosystem g...
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Perpetuities as block rewards, post by Arthur

Let us define a “perpetuity tokens” as a special token with the property that it pays its owner 1 tez immediately, then γ tez after a period Δ_t, then γ^2 tez at time 2 Δ_t, and, in general, γ^n tez a...