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The Tezos paradox!

(This is a notice to an unknown source regarding wether to use ethereum or tezos) -Tezos has NFTs, FA2 (tokens), Defi and staking. -Ethereum has NFTs, ERC (Tokens), Defi and staking (Coming soon I guess) -Ethereum has very high gas fees but will soon become proof of stake possibly and lower the gwei but will it be cheaper than tezos? -Tezos is incredibly cheap to use but is not well known like ethereum so as a developer who would you choose to build upon? "Ethereum" the well known expensive chain that may become cheaper in the future or "Tezos" the incredible cheap chain that is not well known? (I want everyone to be aware that this argument is not based on the technology behind the chains but the ability to make the most money! That is the Tezos Paradox! So here are the solution proposals. -Proposition 1: the tezos foundation gives out tezos to anyone willing to create a tezos wallet. That would build awareness ( kyc with the foundation to avoid spam) proposition 2: Change the tezos tokenomics to create extreme capitalism and burn most of the new tezos for hyper deflation
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