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The great advantage of Tezos

The great advantage of Tezos over Ethereum is that the foundation is holding a lot of coins and therefore they can just spend the staked coins and never go bankrupt. They are in the league of the "dev rewards" chains. This is a big deal. $DASH, $ZEC, $BIS and reward model blockchain projects have huge advantage over ICOs. As they add to marketing, the value of the network goes up gradually, lowering costs of any furture investments into marketing or otherwise. ICOs get a pre-entry flat rate instead. Tezos has both the ICO and the staking rewards for the foundation, therefore the greatest advantage for long term viability of the project.
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Tezos is added to Skrill

#Tezos is the latest cryptocurrency to join Skrill 🎉Tap the link to add it to your portfolio 👉 https://t.co/4FdnMuXvGI pic.twitter.com/ESYOZbAHmp— Skrill (@skrill) January 28, 2020
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Progress update: Solidity to Ligo transpiler

Hello! We are the team at Madfish Solutions and we were awarded a grant by Tezos foundation for creating Solidity to LIGO transpiler. Our project aims to assist developers in transitioning smart…
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Multi-Sig/Escrow SmartPy contract walkthrough

Hello folks! I’m a Software Engineer by day and now a SmartPy hobbyist by night. I figure the best way to get better at writing Tezos smart contracts in SmartPy (a language I have no prior…