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TezPatisserie delegation service with 5% fee

Hey Tezzies, Thanks for our first 2 delegators! (Reposting) For the sake of decentralization I am opening my baker to delegations. Fees will be 5%(that means you keep 95% of the baked reward!) and paid within 4 cycles (around 12 days). Not using bakechain, this is hosted on a secure server. I have been solo baking for a few cycles without missing any reward so I think i am ready to open up : tz1UUgPwikRHW1mEyVZfGYy6QaxrY6Y7WaG5 Details can be seen here : https://tzscan.io/tz1UUgPwikRHW1mEyVZfGYy6QaxrY6Y7WaG5?default=baking We still have a lot of room so feel free If you have any question please also feel free https://twitter.com/TezPatisserie @tezpatisserie on Riot & Telegram
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Tezos , an Ethereum competitor

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Tezos , an Ethereum competitor

Ethereum  —  as the current incumbent among general-purpose permissionless blockchains  —  has to date offered the best resources, tooling, and incentives for developers to build on top of its protoco...