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Tezotopia are currently having a vote on how to proceed on their land minting process! if you plan in playing.. have your say!

[Gif.games](https://Gif.games) official announcement! Because we reiterate and evolve with community feedback and we realize the lottery system wasn’t optimal, we are proposing two different options and putting them out for a vote. ​ Option A Tickets to Mint ​ Work the same as raffles. We put up tickets to mint in the Tezotop tab, you pay in .50 Uno + 50 ENR to enter the raffle. ​ If you win the ticket you can claim it and unlock the Tezotop builder. Burns the ticket. ​ So it’d be no different than entering a raffle to win a block of land that’s already minted. It gives more incentive to buy more uno to increase your chances to win. You can enter multiple times for chances to win multiple tickets. ​ You can enter multiple times and win multiple times. If you lose your resources will be returned to you. You will also be allowed to resell your ticket if you win. ​ Option B Tezotop Ticket ​ Tezotop Tickets are raffled at 25xtz and you get only one entry and one chance to win. So if there are 48 tickets, 48 different users will win. ​ Winners will then still be required to burn uno and energy required to mint their block of land. Ticket holders can resell their tickets. ​ Losers will be returned their XTZ. ​ Please help us decide by voting [https://t.me/gifgames](https://t.me/gifgames) ​ [mini mack says hi](https://preview.redd.it/bss24b2xcvr71.png?width=426&format=png&auto=webp&s=60bab743d7c2438ce7ee64a981fba9a8d0dd06fb)
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