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Tezos smart contracts with ReasonML, Docker and a sandboxed node

Tezos smart contracts with ReasonML, Docker and a sandboxed node This article will walk you trough using tezos-environment-manager to implement smart contracts in ReasonML.

Jan 27

https://tezos.com What will you learn?

You’ll deploy a simple Tezos smart contract written in ReasonML, using tezos-environment-manager. You’ll call the smart contract using sotez to verify the deployment. All of this will happen in a local, private and sandboxed Tezos blockchain.

What is Tezos?

Tezos is a blockchain technology, or in other words — a platform that allows you to build decentralised applications by implementing a blockchain ledger and smart contract support. You can learn more here.

Setting up Tezos Environment Manager

Tezos Environment Manager (TEM), is a toolkit for building decentralised applications and smart contracts on top of Tezos blockchain. To start a project based off TEM, you have to clone it’s source repository first:

Make sure you have docker 🐳 installed & running before running any TEM commands. ⚠️ Don’t forget to cd tezos-environment-manager as well.

After we have cloned TEM successfully, we can begin using it by selecting an environment we want to develop our contract in.

Build our docker images next, please be patient as this command will compile all the necessary tools to make our setup work. It can take several minutes to build the images.

After the images are built, we want to get going by starting a private & sandboxed tezos-node.

If everything went as expected, we’ll now have a running tezos-node, operating in private / sandboxed mode, with RPC exposed at port 18731.

Interacting with sandboxed tezos-node

In our setup, we can access the node’s RPC interface at port 18731, which is pretty useful itself, but we don’t really want to write RPC calls ourself, libraries exist to do that for us. One of the ways to interact with the node is a tezos-client. You can launch an...

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