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Tezos, Reputation and Identity Conversation:

I am making this post to start a conversation about reputation and identity as it regards Tezos. We are already seeing the effects of either bad or wrong ( well intentioned perhaps, but accepted more responsibility than they could handle ) actors. As well, we are seeing slow to respond or inaccurate rating services, partly because who is judging the judges. Both sides, and the individuals that choose between them, need a mechanism of voluntary accountability to bring this most vital knowledge to the light of the rest of the marketplace: Who can and will provide the greatest service to the Tezos market? Who can we trust? How can we trust? If any one or group gets inspired to start a project you can get organized through this Trello: [https://trello.com/b/Fxe0vTCd/projects](https://trello.com/b/Fxe0vTCd/projects) . I am working out my thoughts and arguments about the subject so you may in time, find me there. What should a reputation and identity network on, for or with Tezos, look-like and why do we need one?
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Tezos , an Ethereum competitor

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Tezos , an Ethereum competitor

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