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Tezos needs a KISS (Keep It Simple & Stupid)

I invested a modest amount on money on the ICO and been slowly increasing my stash of XTZs ever since. I consider myself to be an average crypto investor, with some technical background and honest interest in the technology, but mostly in it for the money. Having said that, at the moment I'm really sad with my decision to choose Tezos and stick with it long term. The series of disappointments started immediately after the ICO. Instead of taking 2-3 months for the blockchain to be launched (which was supposedly almost ready), it took 1-2 years. Then I had to go through the KYC procedure to access my XTZ, which was also a turn down. I chose TezBox as my wallet, which wasn't the greatest wallet out there, either. I had to do some homework to choose a baker to put my Tezzies to work. What was that deal with those KT addresses and why did I have to pay more fees and do more studying and clicks just to delegate with a baker? Wasn't baking supposed to be like the unique selling point of this token at the time? How could the devs have missed the point of making the delegation procedure super friendly to the average user? And on top of it all, if I went with a legitimate baker, my baking rewards would start coming after multiple weeks? Then came the governance experience... My baker was able to vote on the proposals for me, not me directly. Not the biggest problem TBH, since I didn't have the time or technical background to understand most of the proposed upgrades. Therefore, I was ok to let someone else decide for me. However, again, this was NOT what I was promised when I joined the ICO (same as the delegating experience). Then came the evaluation drama. It's super frustrating to think that I had the balls to buy the dip on the very day when everything crashed to the ground after the COVID-19 outbreak and I'm making less than 100% even on that single buy. BTC on the other side is having 15x gains since that day, ETH even more than that, ADA, BNB, LINK, DOGE, you-name-it...
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