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Tezos has to move fast or become irrelevant and obsolete .

Tezos is falling in demand and falling in rankings and market cap .Tezos Tech was the best 2 years ago and all was good .XTZ hit #10 in rankings. Since then other chains caught up in technology and moved up in position and market cap. 1. Tezos upgrades are becoming minor and not any major market movers .IF you copy from others tech then copy the best available .Tezos block time is 60 secs and will go to 30 sec after the next H upgrade. The top crypto's in this takes 1000 times less approximately 300 msec. Tezos TPS is a pathetic 40 whereas the best crypto is at 60,000. \[copy these from the best\]. My apologies - Block time has reduced to 30sec with G upgrade. 2. DEFI's are often ranked by TVL and it's hard for tezos to reach Billions in TVL as Tezos market cap is only $3 billions ,don't expect Tezos to move to top of charts in this . 3. NFT is one space Tezos has reasonable amount of domination but it's slowing 4. Crypto community like quantifiable numbers and Tezos need the show the best numbers weather it's TPS ,Block time ,TVL , NFT Vol or number of contracts . 5. Tezos foundation and community and ecosystem has to focus on Price Market cap and Rankings and do everything to grow in these areas . 6. As of now the Formula -1 and Mets Advertisements are good , but has not realized any returns in terms of Market cap and rankings. 7. TF has to change their strategy from Catching up to aggressive in offense. 8. The only good thing for Tezos is on chain governance and upgrades ,but if the updates are minor and irrelevant this does not make much sense .Each upgrade should be to accommodate the best tech other cryptos implemented .That shows the crypto world, Tezos can evolve no matter what.
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