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Tezos Foundation Class Action Settlement 2020-10-16 - proof of ownership questions

Until Oct 16 you can claim here [https://www.tezosfoundationsettlement.com/Claim](https://www.tezosfoundationsettlement.com/Claim) ​ To be an eligible claimant, you must have participated in the fundraiser from July 1, 2017 to July 13, 2017. Deadline: October 16, 2020, to file a claim. ​ see here as well: [https://medium.com/tezoscommons/tezos-foundation-settlement-part-1-e92d2b2a471f](https://medium.com/tezoscommons/tezos-foundation-settlement-part-1-e92d2b2a471f) [https://medium.com/tezoscommons/tezos-litigation-judgement-day-part-2-3c92b74d529a](https://medium.com/tezoscommons/tezos-litigation-judgement-day-part-2-3c92b74d529a) ​ I'm not sure whether I'll do it but I'd like to prepare. The following is still unclear: ​ 1. How can I verify that I contributed some BTC to 3Pxda9vcjRxBZzUP6ZRa37HjcusPTkDZoT in the above mentioned period? If sender is an exchange you probably can't anymore. In case it's your address you probably won't hand out your private keys. How can one prove that he sent from this address? ​ 2. In my case I used the tezos node's built-in wallet to claim the fundraiser. Later I moved the claimed amount to another tezos address within the same wallet. How can I prove, that I held my tezos on 25 11 2019 - 6:32 a.m? ​ 3. Do you think it's really worth all the effort? I know the final amount will be determined after the deadline. But what which sum would you expect if you e.g. bought one roll (8000 xtz) - is it something like $ 10 or more like $ 100? ​ Thanks in advance for your comments!
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