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Tezos Foundation Bouncing Back – Issues Blockchain Grants to Research Institutions

The Tezos Foundation has announced in an August 9th press release that it will be issuing grants to universities and research institutions for the purpose of smart contract and DLT related development, as well as Tezos ecosystem education. The Tezos Foundation is providing grants to four research facilities – the University of Illinois, Cornwell University, the University of Beira Interior, and France-IOI.

The research projects

Cornell University is focusing on sharding, a solution that relates to scalability in blockchain architectures. The research is set to last two years and will be led by Emin Gun Sirer.

The University of Beira Interior in Portugal has received a grant for two projects. The first involves event logging for robots in factories. The second involves the analysis of smart contracts in a variety of programming languages. It will also focus on formal verification techniques and support for machine-checked smart contracts.

The University of Illinois will undertake research into new methods of decentralization. With the two year grant, the university will create accessible online developer documentation for the Tezos ecosystem. The name of the institution within the university that is performing the task is Decentralized et Consulting LLC (“decet“).

France-IOI, in partnership with a number of other research facilities, is developing tools and methods so that students can learn about coding, algorithms, and the Tezos architecture. Both decet and France-IOI are supporting the training of future Tezos developers.

Who is Tezos?

Tezos is famous in the world of cryptocurrency, though not for the right reasons. The ICO raised a colossal amount of money in 2017 – USD 232 Million – only to swiftly disintegrate due to infighting. Several lawsuits ensued as Johann Gevers, the appointed President of the Tezos foundation, allegedly went rogue and started stealing user funds. Gevers has since stepped down.<...

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