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Tezos Foundation Bakers

I’ll kick off by saying that I understand the TF bakers are still needed to ensure the security of the network but I would like to see the Foundation make an announcement on their plans to start winding down the baking operations. Even if it was just 1% a month for the next 100 months that starts the process of removing one of the centralised parts of Tezos and, if my understanding is correct, shares a greater proportion of rewards across other bakers. I would also like to see some of the foundation baking rewards being moved into a pool which can be used to reward bakers who vote on the proposals (irrespective of which way they vote) in order to encourage voting. It would even be good to see the baking taken out of TF and given to a bakerDAO who can manage the baking and use the rewards as a community fund. Doubt this could be done anytime soon though.
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