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Tezos Explainer: Incentivizing Developers with Inflation Funding

Any developer can inject an upgrade proposal to the Tezos Protocol, one of the features enables a developer to also attach an invoice so they can get paid for their work. Once the proposal successfully completes on-chain voting and is implemented, the protocol will mint the amount of tokens requested and pay the developer. This new inflation funding model opens up a new paradigm for funding developers.

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Preparing for Aztec Ignition

We are excited to announce that TQTezos, Nomadic Labs, and Cryptium Labs recently participated in the AZTEC Protocol’s Multi-Party Computation (MPC) ceremony, Ignition, using an air gapped computer…
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84 Grand proposals!!!

Our latest #Tezos Ecosystem Grants RFP closed last Friday.We are pleased to report that 84 grant proposals were submitted in this round! Our review process is underway and all applicants will receive ...