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Tezos Explainer: Incentivizing Developers with Inflation Funding

Any developer can inject an upgrade proposal to the Tezos Protocol, one of the features enables a developer to also attach an invoice so they can get paid for their work. Once the proposal successfully completes on-chain voting and is implemented, the protocol will mint the amount of tokens requested and pay the developer. This new inflation funding model opens up a new paradigm for funding developers.

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Weekly Update from Tezos Foundation - July 15th, 2019

Dear Tezos community, In the past week we have seen a number of exciting events and developments that show the depth and breadth of the Tezos ecosystem. The first Tezos meetup in Africa was held in Ca...
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AOC on libra Governance

Facebook has taken pains to show it will not control the Libra currency, but AOC highlighted why the association behind Libra is problematic.