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Tezbox wallet help urgent

Hi, I have a question regarding the Tezbox wallet. I bought some coins from Gate.IO and wanted to transfer it to the Tezbox wallet. In the Tezbox wallet, I created my wallet and saved the seed phrase. So, when trying to send the coins from Gate.IO, I logged into the Tezbox with my seed phrase and transferred the coins to the address provided. This was just about 30 mins ago. Everything went smoothly. I then left my computer and just now tried to access my Tezbox wallet again, and I see that the address in the Tezbox is different than the one I initially had. I remember going to the Tezbox and refreshing the wallet and seeing the balance in my wallet. Now, with the same seed phrase when I try to login, the address does not match the one I sent to and there is no balance in the now different address. Is there any-one that can tell me what I should do? One thing is that when I saved the seed phrase, I saved each seed word vertically (e.g., first word row 1, second word row 2 etc.). I just copied this seed phrase into the Tezbox and I was able to access my wallet. Then the next time I did that again, I got a message saying "Your seed words are not valid - please check to ensure you are not missing a word/letter, and you haven't included an extra space/line break". I can only access the wallet if I type the seed phrase as (word1 word2 word3 etc. i.e., not vertically), and this gives a new wallet address than the one I had transferred the coins to. However, when I transferred the coins I typed the seed phrase as (word1 in row1 word 2 in row 2 etc.) Can anyone tell me how I can access my coins? I have the seed phrase and the addreess I sent the coins to. It's just that the Tezbox address with my seedphrase now is a different address. I hope all this made sense. Please help if anyone knows how to.
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