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tezblock Weekly Update #13 - AirGap

Differentiation of mainnet and testnet deployments, where irrelevant information like current USD price are hidden for testnets.

Improvements & changes

Additionally to the features many small changes have been done.

Kukai Wallet has been listed under Resources > Wallets Many baker names and payout addresses have been added Voting period and number of votes in the transaction detail page Many more performance & stability improvements Updates have been pushed to

The tezblock mainnet as well as the Babylonnet and Carthagenet deployment have been update.

👉 tezblock.io 👉 babylonnet.tezblock.io 👉 carthagenet.tezblock.io

As always we would like to hear your feedback. What features are the most important for you, have you found any issue? Please reach out to us on Telegram or Twitter.

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