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talking to Tezos blockchain old school

Here is a recipe to communicate with Tezos blockchain using VBScript and ssh (for example Bitvise SSH client) on a windows machine. The script "remote_tz.vbs" looks like this: set x=createobject("wscript.shell") tz_cmd="./tezos/tezos-client --port 8733 get balance for maxtez-raspbaker1" myscr="cmd /c sexec [email protected]:9898 -pk=g1 -pp=passphrase -cmd="""& tz_cmd &""" > d:\temp0\tz\mr1-balance.out" x.run myscr,0 "sexec" is just the Bitwise command-line remote execution client. The script can be called from any program written in pretty much any language just by adding a line similar to this: CALL SYSTEM('"d:\temp0\tz\remote_tz.vbs"') that's it.
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