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Staking rewards tax implications in the US

So I've been staking my XTZ (not on an exchange) for almost a year now and I still don't understand how they are taxed in the US. I read that it's basically doubled taxed; income tax when you receive a payout and capital gains when you sell it. But how on god's green earth are you supposed to list 100+ payouts and know what your capital gains was on each of those 100+ payouts ? Can you just add them all up and find the necessary tax on the total? None of it makes any sense to me.
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25 ctez pairs + farms added to the Plenty protocol

馃敟 It is time for #ctez extravaganza! 馃敟馃憠25 new liquidity pools with $ctez have been deployed!馃憠25 new farms will distribute 8000 $PLENTY for the next 4 weeks!馃憠 $CRUNCH, $PXL, $PAUL, $INSTA, $crDAO,...
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Gold will be the next synthetic asset on Youves

Gold will be the underlying for the next tracker on youves, we will call it uXAU馃Thank you all for voting! 馃棾More infos coming soonVote results 馃憞鈥 y...