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Should I simply wait for Main Net and avoid risky options?

Hey guys. Because of how the whole project has worked out, I decided to try and not think about my XTZ a lot, so as to no stress on delays. Because of this, if I don’t get a direct email from the foundation (like the KYC stuff, which I already took care off), I really get the news late. I knew about the betanet, but I also heard, that you could wait until the Main Net to do something about your tezzies (like moving them to a cold wallet). To me, that also meant, that it would probably be a simple transfer. Now, I’ve seen the posts on the thing that Stephen Andrews did, and the whole step by step to withdraw xtz from tezos.com to a wallet. But i’m not entirely convinced I want to do it through something a third party did, and as I understand it, move my tezzies to a third party wallet… it all seems a bit unsafe to me. So my question is. Being that I intend to hodl anyway... Should I simply wait until Main Net to do a safer activation/extraction and deposit to a secure wallet?
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