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Release of Kukai Wallet with Cold storage support

Hello Tezos Community! Today, we’re excited to publicly release and open-source [standalone Kukai Wallet](https://github.com/kukai-wallet/kukai/releases) for Windows, Linux and as an online [Web Wallet](https://kukai.app/). We have been working on it since beginning of the year and would like to thank everyone who has help us find bugs, improve usability and design. We are looking forward to your feedback and contributions. We're also happy to announce that we've started a code audit request with TCF. We have taken great care to security and have mitigated different types of risk with strong local storage encryption, offline wallet capabilities and client-side verifications which counters Man-in-the-Middle attack. For instance, in case of a compromised or malicious node, the client-side verification will ensure the integrity of the operation. Another example is during the offline-signature process, the operation bytes are parsed back to a readable form to easily verify the operation. Please have a look to our [quickstart guide](https://medium.com/@KukaiWallet/setting-up-an-offline-wallet-with-kukai-6a6ca5cd6a36) to learn more about the offline wallet capabilities. As always, you can follow us on Twitter [@KukaiWallet](https://twitter.com/KukaiWallet), join our dedicated [riot channel](https://riot.im/app/#/room/#kukai:matrix.org) and check out our [Github](https://github.com/kukai-wallet)
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