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Receiving delegation awards?

I've had my tezos delegated for 254 days and ledger live has no transaction history for any rewards or change in balance except the initial fee.. I'm kind of confused on how this was supposed to work now. The delegate is Tez Baker. Thanks guys
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Enter Edo — Why it’s Significant

Following the successful autonomous activation of Protocol 007 (Delphi), shortly thereafter, we’ve recently witnessed the injection of the Edo proposal. In case you’re wondering why this has happened…
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New Agora topic: mneumonic key converter

A little request to baking bad, or TezTech, or anyone else who wants to create this. I have a reqeust to have a mneumonic code coverter for bip39(tz1),Secp256k1(tz2), NIST P256(tz3) created, similar ...