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QUESTION: What is the community's feeling about Youves DEFI?

This is Youves Champion MM I just briefly wanted to ask around the community what you feel should be improved on Youves. Roughly one month 15 days old now and Youves is going strong. Before I come to the questions I would like to point out some stats. uUSD Supply surpassed **4.4 Million** Tez in Vaults **3.1 Million** YOU's supply today **353 K / est. 4.8 Million (Total supply)** It is quite impressive to see such a strong involvement of tez holders in such a short time frame. This is true <3 **Now to the important bit:** What would YOU like to see the platform improve on? Personally as a Champion I thought of the following: 1. Alerts for critical collateral ratio 2. Alerts when someone offers a conversion rate 3. Show balance on AirGap when staking You's Any input would be welcomed. Both positive input as well as proposed improvements on the existing set up. Let me know, because YOU are the best experts I could ask this too. Regards, Youves Champion MM [https://youves.com/](https://youves.com/) **Disclaimer: This is not financial advice.**
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