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Over-delegation and self-bond requirements for bakers and delegators

We are one of the few (probably only) baker that uses the Nano Ledger S [Baking application](https://gitlab.com/obsidian.systems/tezos-baking-platform) to prevent double-signing on the secure element of the HSM instead of the host. Even if all our servers got compromised it would still be *impossible for the attacker to cause us to double-sign*. We charge a small *10% fee and pay compounding interest on all delegation rewards*. Furthermore, we will *increase our self-bond as more and more public delegation* reaches us, since we want the least amount of XTZ at risk as possible. **Self-bond requirements for Cycle 11 for Cryptium Labs** Percentage of XTZ staked: 36% (278,360,000/763,306,930) Time-based self-bond requirement: 1.51% (0.1375\*11) **Baker (global) self-bond requirement: 4.19% (1.51/0.36)** Cryptium Labs self-bond: 20,000 XTZ Cryptiun Labs delegation: 402,619 XTZ Cryptium Labs staking balance: 422,619 XTZ **Cryptium Labs maxiumum delegation: 477,326 XTZ (20,000/0.0419)** This means that currently Cryptium Labs has a self-bond of 4.9% (20,000/402,619) and hence is not over-delegated. We could receive up to 477,326 XTZ in on-chain delegation. At cycle 11 all bakers only need to have a self-bond of 4.19% before they are over-delegated. # Conclusion I hope that this gives everyone, delegators and bakers, a better understanding of what the self-bond requirements are. If you have any questions around delegation, baking, Tezos, Michelsson (the smart contracting language) or anything else related to Tezos, please feel free to connect with us. \- Feedback and discussions are welcomed and encouraged. To reach out to us: Telegram: [https://t.me/cryptiumlabs](https://t.me/cryptiumlabs) Website: [https://cryptium.ch](https://cryptium.ch) Tzscan: [https://tzscan.io/tz1eEnQhbwf6trb8Q8mPb2RaPkNk2rN7BKi8](https://tzscan.io/tz1eEnQhbwf6trb8Q8mPb2RaPkNk2rN7BKi8) Twitter: [https://twitter.com/cryptiumlabs](https://twitter.com/cryptiumlabs) \- More info about Cryptium Labs: * 10% realised delegation fee * Compounding interest paid for all delegation * Rewards are paid every cycle * Run by core developers and researcher * Will self-bond more as we become over-delegated \---------------------- ^(1) [http://www.mytezosbaker.com/](http://www.mytezosbaker.com/) \- I don't actually know any ranking site that doesn't use this faulty metric...
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