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Not sure if I'm using baking bad correctly.

Not sure of rules of this sub so, If this break noob rules sorry moderators. I'm trying to bake my few hundred tezos. I use Kukai wallet. I want to start creating a nest egg of tezos because I like the crypto. (Sep 28) I first delegated PosDog: tz1VQnqCCqX4K5sP3FNkVSNKTdCAMJDd3E1n Than realized they have min. of 1000 (Oct 1) I delegate to Bakery-IL: tz1bMwjzGLEv4rwAqoJAJwTTrQRbgeBM77Mh This didn't show up in baking bad on my public address as a new delegation and it has negative space. (Today) So I switched my baker to Bake Nug: tz1PrmYCE31ideTSkByBrd96yW9vBqFAzpPB ​ Also not sure if I add more tezos to my wallet, do I need to delegate the new tezos in my wallet? Or does everything in my wallet automatically become delegated to my baker. ​ Thanks guys
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