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Noobs Guide to become a baker

1. **Go to** [https://bakechain.github.io](https://bakechain.github.io) 1. Click on Download from Github 2. Click on releases 3. Download the latest release 2. **Install the Software** 1. The software will be downloaded in zip file 2. Unzip the file 3. Install the software 3. **Using the Software** 1. Run the software (Make sure to allow the folder in windows defender) 2. Create new account or restore an old one 3. Transfer 10,000 K or more XTZ in your account 4. Click Start Baking 4. **Check if you are baking** 1. Go to Tz Scan 2. Enter your Address 3. Your address must be delegated to yourself 5. **Get People to delegate to you** 1. Get yourself listed on www.mytezosbaker.com for a small fee 2. Wait for people to delegate to you 6. **Wait for your turn to bake** 1. You don't have to run the software 24/7 now 2. Wait for your baking rights (Usually comes after 7 cycles) to run the software Notes :- 1. This guide is for windows only 2. The software is created by Stephen Andrews. I have no link to him or tezos foundation 3. I have no information about the audit of this software 4. Use at your own risk **Please tip if it helps** :- tz1S4WxS15Sqy28s5nwhCv6YLPnTr41zKixV
Go to self.tezos
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