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Nomadic Labs: Year in Review 2020

2020 is over and in spite of the difficulties which the year presented, we at Nomadic Labs got a lot done. So here’s who we are, and what we accomplished in 2020:

Nomadic Labs in a nutshell

Nomadic Labs is an international technical company dedicated to evolving the Tezos ecosystem. Tezos is a community-driven proof-of-stake self-evolving blockchain platform that adapts and adopts new features and enables borderless global cooperation.

Let’s unpack that:

Community-driven: The Tezos community is a global community of users, researchers, and adopters (see Tezos Commons and Tezos Agora). Proof-of-stake: The Tezos blockchain is based on a proof-of-stake principle, which is low-power, inclusive, and environmentally sustainable. Indeed, a Tezos node can run on a Raspberry Pi (and here’s a howto!). Self-evolving: The Tezos blockchain protocol is flexible, democratic and adaptable. We mean this in a specific technical sense — thanks to a built-in voting mechanism, the Tezos community of users can vote to update the protocol, and it regularly does.

So Nomadic Labs contributes to a broad ecosystem dedicated to creating a resilient and global blockchain platform with associated tools. We aim to serve science, society — and the dignity and privacy of productive work in a new technological age.

You can find out more about us here:

Culture and growth

At the start of 2020 we had an office-based culture, based in beautifully-situated offices in the heart of Paris.

Then, like everybody else, we adapted to social distancing and — as necessary — to working from home until the pandemic is over. That this adaptation was handled smoothly, was due to some genuinely hard work by administrative staff, and due to a cohesive and friendly company culture, and we are thankful that we were able to flourish and grow throughout 2020:

We started 2020 with 39 full-time employees, we ended it with 59 full-time employees, and we...
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