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New to Tezos - Questions about baking

Hello everyone, I'm new to Tezos and I was wondering how I can bake? I've heard I have to download kiln and use my ledger to start baking, but my questions are: 1. how secure is it to bake via the suggested easy how-to guide on [https://medium.com/@obsidian.systems/how-to-install-kiln-and-bake-on-ubuntu-a13d17df63c](https://medium.com/@obsidian.systems/how-to-install-kiln-and-bake-on-ubuntu-a13d17df63c) ? 2. Would it be more secure using command-line interface? 3. how much Tezos do I need to be able to start baking? 4. would i run into problems running on a raspberry pi? 5. what would happen if for example the service provider is maintaining the network and the connection is lost? or sudden power outage? 6. how does the roll ownership work? 7. where would the rewards go? I'd really appreciate the help guys, and keep up the good work! I've become a fan of Tezos and the community!
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