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New ConseilJS release

ConseilJS is up to [0.2.9 beta](https://www.npmjs.com/package/conseiljs/v/0.2.9)*. A couple of interesting new things in this release. Operation queuing, where ConseilJS will maintain a list of pending operations and submit them in a batch with configurable regularity. This feature was requested by the developers using the library and was originally contributed by an external developer. Cryptonomic is excited to see that ConseilJS adoption is growing not just from the utilization perspective, but also code contributions. There was a significant new feature for contract parsing. This warrants its own post that is coming later. Finally there were several bug fixes coming from feedback on our recent hackathon. We also increased smart contract compatibility, updated test and documentation, added more error logging and extended metadata support to enable type-ahead auto-complete for Arronax on fields like addresses. Lastly, we updated our [documentation site](https://twitter.com/dsintermediatd/status/1159700642610290688?s=20), an especially timely update for those taking part in the [Ideo + CoinList hackathon](https://coinlist.co/build/ideo). *0.2.8 was improperly packaged and was pulled.
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