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New coin Cerveza ($CVZA) is a Tezos DeFi project that will allow you to earn free airdrops for every $CVZA you hodl!

Very few people know about this project and its going to be a star! Tezos is getting into the Defi game and it looks like Freibier has one of the best teams. They plan to go beyond the normal DeFi and build a platform for new token launches with airdrops coming for all who hold $CVZA. When I first bought their token $CVZA earlier this month it was 1XTZ for 55,000 CVZA. Two days ago it was 1XTZ=17,000 CVZA ($0.0002). Today its 1XTZ=10,600 CVZA ($0.00032)! And the farming hasn't even started yet! You can sign up now to get earlier access to farming (which they call brewing for obvious reasons). I *highly* suggest you do since the early farmers will get the highest returns and qualify for the most future airdrops. Start stacking now as this project is on the move! **First, sign up here to get early access to the brewery:** [**https://freibier.io/brewery?referral=Lze7sVW&refSource=copy**](https://freibier.io/brewery?referral=Lze7sVW&refSource=copy) Then buy some $CVZA to get ready to stake for more rewards. You can buy from: * Quipuswap: [https://quipuswap.com/swap?from=tez&to=KT1BCzAq3PrTKPsEBKuoTGZdwX6rN6WE8rJj\_0](https://quipuswap.com/swap?from=tez&to=KT1BCzAq3PrTKPsEBKuoTGZdwX6rN6WE8rJj_0) * Freibier website: [https://www.freibier.io/start-your-journey-with-freibier/how-to-buy-cerveza](https://www.freibier.io/start-your-journey-with-freibier/how-to-buy-cerveza) * Temple Wallet: [https://docs.freibier.io/wallet-guides/how-to-buy-cvza-with-temple-wallet](https://docs.freibier.io/wallet-guides/how-to-buy-cvza-with-temple-wallet) Two Days Ago: https://preview.redd.it/b4q2ojwwig271.png?width=1084&format=png&auto=webp&s=1c5c54712f6f2bc202b67c94906b5a57f1d7728a Today: https://preview.redd.it/dqdvzk8yig271.png?width=1070&format=png&auto=webp&s=c11c0135dee8b932487b669ff93336bd344bb673
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