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New bakery opening - from Hayek Lab

New baking/delegation service from Hayek Lab Inc. with focus on multi-data centers Announcing new Tezos Baking infrastructure from Hayek Lab. [https://HayekLab.com](https://hayeklab.com/) Hayek Lab’s focus is on independence from Wall Street control centralized large corporation cloud service and instead choose to go with an infrastructure provided with our own hardware servers running on reliable data centers across the world. Our first one is located in eastern Canada. Coming later: SF bay area of California and then Europe and Asia. You will be able to choose which data centers by delegating to its corresponding tz address. We have more tezzies offline that we will be adding to our bond pool as our delegation balance grows. Thanks to those who have already joined our delegation pool prior to launch. Our tz1 baking address is the following: [https://tzscan.io/tz1SohptP53wDPZhzTWzDUFAUcWF6DMBpaJV](https://tzscan.io/tz1SohptP53wDPZhzTWzDUFAUcWF6DMBpaJV) Contact us for detailed information about our current and future plans. We are offering a T-Shirt for our first 20 delegators (with 3 very minor conditions: let us know your KT1 address, we need your t-shirt size and finally, having your physical mailing address would definitely help) [https://twitter.com/HayekLab/status/1027413740361138176](https://twitter.com/HayekLab/status/1027413740361138176) Email us at info @ our website with the information. Follow us on Twitter, we have an interesting and exciting project for the Tezos Investor & Developer community that we will be sharing in the next few days.
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