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Neokta - Tezos Delegation Service

Dear Tezos Community, I would like to introduce you to our brand new Baking Service, called **Neokta**. After following the Tezos project since it's fundraising in 2017, we are really excited to launch our own Baking Service (finally! :D). We decided to do so because we wanted to participate in the decentralization of the Tezos Blockchain. Our service fee is 8%, and anybody with at least a balance of 50 XTZ is welcome to use our service. We don't necessarily have the funds to run a big baking service (we can extend our staking capacity up to 200k), but we still wanted to make our service public for anybody who would like to trust us. You can find more information on our website : [https://labs.neokta.com](https://labs.neokta.com) We are also reachable on: \- Email: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) \- Telegram: [https://t.me/NeoktaLabs](https://t.me/NeoktaLabs) \- Reddit: [https://www.reddit.com/user/NeoktaLabs](https://www.reddit.com/user/NeoktaLabs) ​ We are also listed here (A big thanks to them for their kindness and response time): [MyTezosBaker](https://mytezosbaker.com/neoktalabs) [BakingBad](https://tzkt.io/tz1UvkANVPWppVgMkLnvN7BwYZsCP7vm6NVd/operations) [Tezos-Nodes](https://www.tezos-nodes.com/baker/neokta-labs) ​ On top of our baking service, we also plan to make tutorials about "How to bake", "How to delegate" etc.. to contribute (at our level) to promote the Tezos blockchain. These articles will be available on the "Blog" section of our website. ​ We are looking forward to provide you with our Baking service! :) PS: We also speak French Julien from Neokta
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