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Need help with ending delegation and starting baking

Hi, I've been delegating since day one with Tezos.Community (now Tezos Capital I believe). Due to recent crashes from Corona etc etc I am looking to top up the amount I have so I have enough to bake solo. I have a ledger nano s and Ledger Live. I am wondering how I stop delegating?? When I view my Tezos Wallet app in Ledger Live I see my main tz Account which is basically empty and then 4 child Kt1 accounts which I guess are used for my current delegation. Although what is weird is I see one Kt1 account with majority of my holding and then the Kt1 account which shows who I am delegating to only seems to contain a small percentage of my total Tezos ?? It's been ages since I've done stuff with Tezos so hoping someone could help. Thanks.
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