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n00b question about staking. Please hear me out.

I recently bought a Ledger Nano. Yey! One of the main reasons was that I own a huge chunk of my portfolio in Tezos and I saw that I can stake my XTZ directly from the Ledger app. So like a very smart investor I stopped all my research and bought the hardware wallet. Now I see I made a few mistakes. I notice now that I have 2 big financial issues: 1. I am currently staking on Kraken, so there's no other baker on baking-bad or mytezosbaker which provides a higher ROI => switching means loosing money 2. Kraken offers the first reward in about 3-4 days. If I switch, I would have to wait a long period of time until I start getting rewards => switching means loosing money Besides this I am confused with the following: 1. I know that "not my keys, not my crypto", but I use a yubikey on kraken + it's an exchange which has never been hacked, I fell reasonably safe keeping my assets there. 2. kraken has a bit of a contractual obligation to provide you with the staking rewards, if one of the independent bakers does not, then nothing would happen... maybe some people would notice and they would switch, but that's it. There's absolutely no accountability and that freaks me out a bit. 3. Why is the information on bakers different on each site you check? 1. Everstake on Baking-Bad => fee 8%; ROI 5.73 % 2. Everstake on mytezosbaker => fee 5%; yield 5.9% 3. Everstake on their website => fee 5% yield 6.2% Seriously on point 3... WTF is going on, is there a mafia here? bakers pay to have better numbers shown on these baker-review websites??? Why don't I see the exact same numbers everywhere? ​ Please please please help me out here and tell me what is wrong with my thinking here?
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