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My Tezos developer experience. (tzpunks)

Hey everyone. I am the lead dev for tzpunks. We recently launched and I have seen lots of criticism around the project and I figured I would address it, as well as share my thoughts / opinions about developing for Tezos. To start, I have been a long time blockchain developer. I have primarily created DApps on Ethereum but recently Polygon as well. I recently started hearing about Tezos, so I figured I should give this network a shot. For those of you who don't know, Tezos uses a completely different programming language and wallet system than Ethereum / Polygon / BSC etc. Since I am a full-time dev I spent the time learning the language and tools to make a smart contract (NFT) on Tezos. I was absolutely shocked to find how incredible the tools are on Tezos. (Huge shoutout to the SmartPy Team!) Temple wallet / Beacon is way more developer friendly than Metamask. The SmartPy language has much better documentation than solidity. The SmartPy IDE and Contract interaction is well above Remix. The way data is stored in smart contracts makes it super easy to interact with them. Every tool on this network is just better than the Ethereum / Polygon / BSC alternatives. So what gives, why are there only 37 registered Dapps when there are 50k members of this reddit alone? MANY projects on the other networks are simple forks of other peoples work. On Tezos, there's no way to fork a project so you need to build it from scratch. Because of this, I've noticed this community has relied heavily on third parties to provide DApps (specifically NFTs) to the Tezos network. I could make a whole post about this, but in my opinion this is very bad for the network (censorship centralization etc). The entire purpose of crypto was to remove centralization around big corporations and give it to the people. I'm not sure why, but when tzpunks launched, we have received tons of criticism for not doing the network standard which is relying on a certain NFT platform to host our content. We are ...
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