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My article discussing the Tezos to Coinbase Rumors

On October 20, 2018 bitcoinexchangeguide published an article (https://bitcoinexchangeguide.com/is-coinbase-listing-tezos-or-is-ceo-brian-armstrong-really-tweeting-about-weight-loss/) about whether Coinbase's CEO had just tweeted out a hint about listing Tezos. This article seeks to examine the Tezos to Coinbase Rumors in greater detail

Recent Coinbase Rumor Coins Over the past number of months we have seen the ongoing rumors about 0x (ZRX) being added to Coinbase and the positive price action that was associated with it. There have been hints of inclusion and rumors for many months. ZRX has now been added to Coinbase.

After the ZRX rumors began, new rumors then centered on Basic Attention Token (BAT) being added. BAT has, of late, been following an upwards price trajectory as well. That upwards price trajectory appears to be (largely) correlated with the rumors of it being added to Coinbase. The flames of those rumors were probably fanned by the ZRX addition, since it does show that Coinbase is following through on adding new coins.

What is clear is that even the rumor of a Coinbase addition has been enough to trigger bull runs in both ZRX, BAT and other coins.

Is Tezos Next? Coinbase has made it clear that it plans to considerably increase the number of tokens available. In offering some hints about coins that it views as potentially suitable and worthy of investigation, Coinbase earlier released a list of coins that it was considering adding first to its Coinbase Custody service. That list was released on August 3, 2018 and can be found here: https://blog.coinbase.com/coinbase-custody-is-exploring-a-range-of-new-assets-e700496844be

Coinbase's list above notably includes Tezos, a coin that the Winklevoss brothers (owners of the Gemini exchange) have also added to their investments in July 2018: https://icorating.com/news/2018-7-winklevoss-twins-quietly-add-tezos-to-portfolio/ and that Kraken and Bitfinex ve...

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