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(MIL) The first Tezos Token supporting all U.S. Military Veterans and their families

Hello, my name is Eischen and I've created the first Tezos token helping military veterans and their family. So far, this project is a month old but the Tezos ecosystem is growing faster and easier by the day. With your help, we can grow a new fund for families of any branch or service. Myself being a United States Air Force Veteran, I take pride in my dedications. I've used my personal account in hopes to give a bit of transparency in my adventure. I have nothing to hide, and hope this token gains the attention it needs. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions. Tezos is a community supporting those who support us! ​ Cheers! Eischen ​ VETHELP (MIL) TOKEN ADDRESS: KT1JWJSB6wkAEm3TGk9WUFHWNstBTKvuXsMC ​ Available on the Quipuswap Tezos Mainnet market [https://quipuswap.com/swap?to=KT1JWJSB6wkAEm3TGk9WUFHWNstBTKvuXsMC\_0](https://quipuswap.com/swap?to=KT1JWJSB6wkAEm3TGk9WUFHWNstBTKvuXsMC_0) ​ TZSTATS: [https://tzstats.com/KT1JWJSB6wkAEm3TGk9WUFHWNstBTKvuXsMC](https://tzstats.com/KT1JWJSB6wkAEm3TGk9WUFHWNstBTKvuXsMC)
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