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Meanwhile at Nomadic Labs #3 - Emmy+, Tarides, Sapling

Another update on the many projects we have been busy working on. Most of the following topics will be subject of more in-depth posts of their own.


The consensus team is finishing their analysis of selfish baking on Emmy+ and tweaking the constants of the protocol accordingly. At the same time work on our version of Tendermint is progressing to the point of having a proof of concept protocol to play with.

The protocol team has been steadily reviewing and testing all the MRs that are flowing in the branch proto-proposal. Particularly the excellent work of Cryptium Labs on the account re-haul (implicit accounts, removing script-less contracts) and the tweaks to the voting procedure (quorum caps, proposal quorum).

The Michelson team has been busy too with quite a lot of changes that we’ll blog about soon. For a quick sneak peek:

Smart contracts will have multiple entrypoints, implemented in a way that is not too intrusive and that is retrocompatible (provided that they conform to the entrypoint convention, contracts that get deployed now will take advantage of multiple entrypoints if and when the update is rolled). Most restrictions on the big_map type got lifted. New instructions have been introduced to help large contracts (in particular compiled from higher level languages) stay compact and efficient: new deep stack access instructions and an instruction to partially apply a lambda. The gas cost model for instructions has been refined, based on benchmarks. Some instructions have been updated or deprecated according to the account re-haul. Shell

The shell is looking at an interesting summer update with a new storage back-end from Tarides, that is currently benching and fine tuning the performance of their code.

The mempool team is slowly but steadily merging the huge amount of work that they have been doing in the last 6 months. Most of the effort is being devoted to testing the new mempool again...

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